• Turkish Bath
• Sauna
• Foam massage
• Steam room
• Massage Rooms
• Fitness gym
• Adventure Showers
• Vitamin Bar

Not :SPA is open to public use. Can receive information directly into our hotel and can be reserved through. In addition, every week Saturday is open to women for private use.

Every day, hard, stressful and busy business life is now too tired? Do you think that you wear? Need to renew? If you answered yes to all these questions Çınarpark Hotel SPA Center to find answers, even for a healthy lifestyle can benefit from our services, you can start the day in a calm manner.

Because everything in our Spa Center has been thought for you.



1)Steam Room : After Care, reduced aches and pains in the muscles, skin the moisture it needs deep cleaning and wins again. After care of yourself renewed, refreshed, and you will feel like a newborn..


2) Sauna : Dilates the capillaries in the skin and balances your blood pressure. Your body temperature increased by 1-2 degrees strengthen the defense system against germs and viruses, or about to be patient while the drug will serve as a sauna. Sports activities after the sauna, unwind all of the most suitable yerdir.profesyonel athletes work schedule keeps a separate place in the sauna sessions. Expanding arteries, of lactic acid which causes fatigue of muscles facilitates pulses.


3) Turkish Bath : Peeling and traditional Turkish hammam therapy containing foam applications Do you want to join?

Traditional Turkish Bath Therapy : Traditional Turkish Bath Therapy with applications is a method of care that includes scrub and foam massage. You can see in the classic Turkish bath is designed with mosaic tiles. All living areas, marble slab and walls are heated. Temperature reaches up to 55 degrees. After cleansing your skin of dead cells with a pouch made of foam relax with a massage.

Bladder:With a history of over 500 years in the Turkish bath on the Move hub with special silk pouch remove dead skin and pore opening is for general body care.

Foam Massage: Bladder after the body is cleaned with special fibers and foam massage is aimed at relieving and relaxing.


4) Massage Rooms: Various of our massage invigorates tired muscles, your body freshness, energy and power effects are providing. A massage will be applied after a busy work day, makes you feel refreshed and muscles relieves your tension.


Classic Whole Body Massage: This massage is applied to your body in general increases blood circulation in your body gets all the tension and stress.


Local Body Massage: The goal is to alleviate extreme tension. In line with the region you want therapists can concentrate on that area.


Aroma Therapy Body Massage: Different natural aroma essences and oils, this massage with light pressure applied to the body relaxes and relieves stress


Foam Message: Bladder after the body is cleaned with special fibers and foam massage is for relaxation and to rest.


5) Rest Rooms : Rest areas occupies an important place in the SPA area. Especially after the therapy or sauna, steam bath after use to balance the body needs rest. On the one hand therapy to be more successful on the other hand in order to have the desired effect of rest is very important recreation areas.


6) Vitamin Bar: When you are resting, recovering minerals lost your presence and your fatigue more quickly prepared to provide your disposal, freshly squeezed fruit juices and cocktails with our service.


7) Adventure Shower: Natural stone looking interior decoration which are private shower. After you exit the sauna and steam room relief, relaxation shower also different order effects, light therapy, sound and music are used for entertainment purposes on. During the heated sauna and steam bath to cool the body in order to accelerate the blood circulation and entered the showers, sight, touch and smell would appeal to. We showered adventure is designed for you to experience more fun, enjoy a shower.


8) Shower Shock: Kambala produced from trees within 21 liter bucket with cold water shock shower provides a natural shock effect.


9) Fitness Center: Professional fitness equipment accompanied with our coaches and wellness offering personalized service is our sports center aimed at.