Çınar Sofrası
Lezzet ve Hizmet We offer services in an our A La Carte Restaurant with extensive menus from Konya and Urfa where is the traditional taste of Anatolian. Also our restaurants has 150 people capacity for service.

Every week and weekend we have a special breakfast concept for personal. You can join brunch, lunch and dinner your second home.


Konya Cuisine, Selçuk palace etiquette and his people in the developing and mingled with the Mevlevi is a spectacular formation.. From 13 Century to the present day with the rules set carries the classic features, and even classical Turkish cuisine is based constitutes one of the main roots of Konya Cuisine therefore should be kept out of Turkish Folk Kitchen is a kitchen.

Konya Cuisine, kitchen architecture, tools, dishes, cooking methods, table layouts, service procedures, preparing for winter food with a distinctive cuisine and culinary incredibly rich culinary culture has created. Selçuk palace in the Altıntepsi and fake food in the restaurants of the Oguz official in accordance with the laid; culinary first ekipleş of the Mevlevi cuisine that began in the world, the name probably mausoleum built the first chef of the Konya say that there Konya kitchen grandeur of the designations will be enough. Birth, marriage period covering the transition period in all over Anatolia as well as sweets to be eaten, on holy days' şivlilik 'name only in Konya seen children cookie deploying units, the joyful days of Nowruz' some cities applied in the 'S' letter seven food ingestion as Total countless riches are examples of Konya cuisine.

Konya Tourism Association's First International Food Congress in 1986 after becoming the focus of attention was foreign. Konya laudatory articles about food to eat to Konya from experts Holly Chase and some of them have organized the trip for. The exhibition celebrated editor Jill Norman asked me to prepare a cookbook while visiting England in 1989, and has been mentioned in the published book. Konya cuisine is very close in terms of culture and tourism in the years after the Mevlana Museum, will take second place. Types Of Konya Foods

Bamya Soup

Konya in Central Anatolia in the gumbo soup for dinner sometime in the classic menu as it is important. In Konya, where rice and sweet to sour in black dinner sets after the ingestion of food given to the second array appetite.

Bread with meet

In Konya, much loved meat and bread. Konya, Turkey in the oven or in restaurants are much nicer than the other cities. Of foreign origin in Konya restaurants, opened a few months after 'meat and bread began our service as' ads are seen. No food can not compete in Konya, meat loaves.

Oven Kebabs

Oven safe to say that kebab come from the Selçuk Hz. In the works of Rumi, who kebab kebab and head of the furnace is mentioned.

With unique flavor to leave an unforgettable taste, our guests "Taste and Service" We are pleased to welcome you in the center of Çınar Sofrası.