Çınarpark Hotel is built by HLS Building Limited Company which is runby January 2014.

HLS was launched in 2004 on Kocaeli. Those shareholders are well-known names in furniture, white appliance and textile industries as well.

HLS is one of the greatest company in the construction industry. First step for tourism sector was Diana Residence in Fethiye which was opened in 2010. From the beginning of 2013, construction of Çınarpark Hotel was started with unique concept in Tütünçiftlik Körfez district.

Çınarpark Hotel consists of 33 room, Restaurant with capacity of 150 people, SPA & Fitness center and Meeting Hall with capacity of 100 people in Kocaeli.
Which has made its name in service with customer satisfaction at all times to provide a superior service that makes.

Contribute to the industry given that our nation's capital, which is the pearl of the Körfez in the district of Kocaeli province, In the tourism industry to fulfill the requirements of the age, innovation, follow serve to be pioneers in the field.

Our Working Philosophy
• Innovator
• Providing Best Service - Oriented
• TTrailing Technology
• Respecting Ethical Values
• Caring for the Environment
• Positive Thinking
• Smiling
• Solution Focused
• Support Team Working
• Changed "Customer" profile to "Guest"
• Interested Guest Opinion and Suggest