The province of Kocaeli, Kocaeli in the Marmara Region-Çatalca Department, 29 ° 22'-30 ° 21 'east longitude, 40 ° 31'-41 ° 13' north latitude lies between. East and southeast of Istanbul, Bursa province of south, west province of Yalova, Izmit Bay, Marmara Sea and Istanbul province, is surrounded by the Black Sea in the north. City center to the east of Izmit Turkey time basis for the past 30 ° east longitude accepted. Kocaeli province area of 3,505 km2. Combining an important crossroads between Europe and Asia is located in the. İzmit Bay is a natural harbor, which is the way to the sea. City İstanbul province in the northwest face, Gebze flowing between Istanbul Kemiklidere passes to the east. In the southwest limit of Istanbul, Kocaeli and Yalova on the opposite coast of the Gulf of Izmit ends with soil. Bursa Samanli Mountains border line passing from the top of the form.

Plains and plateaus

In the province, there are many small creek valley. Plains of rivers masses are usually formed by the alluvial plains small in nature. For the valley of the rivers flowing into the Black Sea, to take a new form of Kocaeli Peninsula tectonic movements occurred before that led, in turn, flows into the Sea of Marmara river valleys in the wake of this movement.

Kocaeli Peninsula's current format, such as the Gulf of Izmit and Lake Sapanca tectonic depressions, such as the Black Sea peninsula çanaklaş studies and identified with changes in sea surface to the sea in the coastal areas of the terraces were formed. In the meantime, the widening of rivers downstream and coastal alluvial fill layers were formed in the accumulation zone. As mentioned earlier, part of the water line on the peninsula, passes through a cut very close to the Gulf of Izmit.

Geographical Structure

A portion of the land provinces waters resulting from the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea reaches a section. Kocaeli peninsula extending ridge of mountains is closer to the Gulf of Izmit and Marmara into the Black Sea rivers are longer. Stigma was born in the nearby village of Gebze, 71 km long River (Çayağzı) River east of the entrance of the Bosphorus to the Black Sea is poured. Agva Göksun also called Stream Stream Karayakuplu interests in the nearby village and in Agva reaches the Black Sea. Oatmeal creek again into the Black Sea is 43 km in length.

Dam that provides water to the city of Istanbul is located on Stenosis Stenosis soils, stream arises from the province. Denizli from the village of Kocadere born into the Black Sea is 50 km long. City was born from the land, in the province Kandıra main rivers flowing into the Black Sea is the Sansui. Sakarya River before emptying into the Black Sea rivers, which join the last Kandıra Kaynarca also arises from the creek. Kirazder arising from the Gulf of Izmit Samanli Mountains is poured into the city. The construction of the dam on the creek Kirazder This was completed in 1997. Dilovası creek in the town of Gebze length is 12 km. Pelitli village south and north of the village through Tavşanlı poured into the Gulf of Izmit. There are 542 km burhan Creek. Our province is the largest and most beautiful villages over 2,000 population is the elm. Also here the east of our city depends on Kandıra.


The 7 km of the western section of Kocaeli within the boundaries of Lake Sapanca area of 47 km ². Uzuntarla, Masukiye to town and Esme is the limit. Dam, which provides water to the city of Izmit Kirazder artificial lake located behind the 1.74 km ² occupies an area. Another artificial lake, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality built to meet the water needs of the city by accumulation of water behind the dam as a result Yuvacık Dam Lake.


On the Black Sea with the Gulf coast temperate , mountainous areas a tougher climate prevails . Kocaeli climate , Mediterranean climate and can be said to create a passage between the Black Sea climate . Summers are hot and a little rainy in the city center , rainy winters , snowy and cold geçer.karl times the average number of days is 12 days . Kocaeli, overlooking the Black Sea coast overlooking the Gulf of Izmit with some differences between the climate of the coast are noticeable . Write gulf coast sometime in the sweltering heat while there was Black Sea coast is cooler - City in the center of the highest measured temperature of 44.1 ° C (13 July 2000) , the lowest air temperature of -8.3 ° C (23 February 1985) , the annual mean temperature 14.8 ° C . The Black Sea coast of the average annual rainfall exceeds 1,000 mm . This amount decreases when going towards the south , in Izmit drops below 800 mm in ( 784.6 mm) . Samanli slopes overlooking the bay Dağlan'n climate similar to the Black Sea coast . The amount of rainfall in this area is different. Winds from the north and northeast in winter and in summer it works from the northeast .


There is every kind of science high schools in the province, as well as the Kocaeli University and Gebze High Technology Institute is home to operate at.


Vegetation in Kocaeli, Marmara Region in general, although the characteristics of the coastal seen significant differences between the mountainous areas. Towards the north to the south coast of the Black Sea to the Mediterranean plants unique plant communities begin to take place. Samanli Mountains and the Black Sea coast area behind the frequent and nemcil is covered with forests. These forests consist mostly of beech, hornbeam beech in some quarters, chestnut and oak are also involved. Samanli higher parts of the mountains are covered with coniferous. North and east of the Gulf of Izmit shrubs specific to the Mediterranean climate is found. In the past, common in the northern coast of the Gulf of urban and industrial area of olive groves have been destroyed in order to obtain are. Destroyed forest areas are covered with steppe plants and shrubs liar.

Körfez of Kocaeli is one of seven districts, according to the last census population 107,058 is. The population of the town center, 83174 'species. 15 villages, 11 neighborhood streets and alleys, and has 865 units.

395 Sea 13,500 meters coast and the ancient history of having or county in history; brung, Grunge, BrunoR the Satryas names like after you move in 1420 the Turks into the hands of the unfinished housing in place due to the formation Yarımca was named. 05/27/1964 With the establishment of the municipal organization Began its work in the year, and finally a bec town in 1988 but, taking the name is Körfez.

Regional industry until the deal as (vegetables, fruit) horticultural and agricultural choose to locals in the 1950s, starting and accelerating industrialization, resulting in the Korfez smoldering and rising factory chimneys of the emergence of the people's livelihood almost to the industry have shifted. Now our county has become known for with their cherries and industry.

Now, cherry production is grown in the mountainous regions of Upper Yarimca. Our district, soil, air, water, transportation conformity in terms of industrial development in the area had caused, as a result, rural, still life, there have been rapid urbanization planned.

Körfez County from the TEM Motorway, D-100 highway and rail passes. Our district's 10,000 meters along the length of highwa Krfez our district open sea, docks, piers and promenades available, attractions and Coastal Sea Pavilion Tea Gardens offers contemporary services to our people. Torch Lake Tutunciftlik the scope of environmental regulations to international standards (can be made also of Formula One racing) suitable auto race track, an artificial lake, 3 km coastal strip and parks open to the public in the service of the people. Again Yarimca area of 12,000 m2 in the open air theater of 5000 people in cultural activities with antique style big serves is found. Sea transport is also available.

County was established flatness area. It inculedes area where from Yarımca to Tütünçiftlik. The north part of the county is more like Çenedağ

This elevation continue to west part and it creates Hereke ridge. The elevation steepens to much from Yarımca to Hereke. The coastal is not like a indented.

Flat areas where the road passes the height invention. The region's most important mountains are Mount Hay. There are no rivers in front. Through the creek flows into the sea in the county is more than the annual rainfall is also discharge. Scarcity of water resources constitute a significant hardship.


There is a transition climate in the county. So not very hot and dry summers, and mild, rainy climate appears last. District macro type air enters the Mediterranean climate zone.
- Annual average rainfall is 819.3 mm.
- Annual average temperature is 14.4 Degrees
- The lowest temperature (January) is 0.8 degrees (-8)
- Highest temperature (August) 24.2 Degrees
- Lowest average temperature of 10.5 Degrees
- The average high temperature was 19.2 Degrees
In accordance with this climate in the lowlands of olive trees, short shrubs, due to the destruction of high-field thin layer of soil is eroded. The region's most beautiful cherries are grown in the county. Also all kinds of vegetables and fruits are suitable conditions for the growth.


Körfez county, the county seat, Herek parish, the Kirazlıyalı Town and 16 villages have been formed.

22 November 2000 year census has a population of 81,938 according to the district center. Hereke town population of 16,189, while the population of the borough in 2831 is Kirazlıyalı. Accordingly connected 16 villages with a population of 4337 found 105,295 total population of our town is.

Körfez county in 2000, according to the results of Census Districts of Kocaeli Province as the population within the District after Gebze 2 district is the case.

Population density ratio contained in the coastal strip moves into high drops. According to the census of 2000 km2 average density is 268 inhabitants.

Our district has a population of very little while in 1960 (as of 2000-3000) with the establishment of industrial facilities, has had a rapid population growth.

People who come to outside create county populations %90.Indigenous people population level is decreasing till %10 . Some of our citizen went to their hometown after 17 August 1999 Earthquake. But when the life return to normalcy almost all citizen came back to county again.